Nov 17
Jersey Recap + Goddess Tierra debut!!

OMG what a busy last few weeks this has been. Its a given that I am usually busy in the summer but, as winter has set in my social life is blooming. I am hardly ever home anymore which I actually love. I love hanging out with my friends going out to for lunches, dinners and drinks, laughing and just having FUN!! I think Ive been to the movies 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I worked my ass off since as long as I can remember and I definitely neglected social interaction which is just not good for the heart. I busted out clip after clip for years dominating the charts over at c4s and now I think that its time for a little redirection. More on that later next week….

Aug 14
Goddess Max and Miss Tierra white boy cock mock!!

SPH w Tierra Goddess Max and Miss Tierra white boy cock mock!!
Tiny Little White Dick
You are in the presence of Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne and Ebony Goddess Tierra. You are in heaven! This is a dream come true for you. However, this is no treat for us because all we have is you, this pathetic slave and his tiny cock in your hands. There’s only ONE thing Goddess Tierra and I can do with that, is get a good laugh while we humiliate, and make fun of your pathetic, tiny, useless, sorry, white dick.

Aug 7
Miami & Fetish Con 2012 Recap!

IMG 36711 224x300 Miami & Fetish Con 2012 Recap!I am backkkkk! Fetish con this year definitely topped any other year I have been! It was fucking fabulous! My first year there were very few financial domme’s there but, this year they were out representing to the fullest! I was able to meet so many people that I have conversed with via  the internet for years. It was awesome! I worked my ass off this year. Usually I shoot a bit and then hang out but there were some days where I had up to 6 shoots in 1 day. So I was very busy! This year I went as a model and producer for I shot with some awesome people such as, and  I cant wait to show you all those hot clips!

Jul 7
Check me out in Ms. Savannah Sly’s Clip Store!

roommate Check me out in Ms. Savannah Slys Clip Store!
Audrey’s Wicked Roommates 
You’ve heard of Cinderella’s Wicked step-sisters, right? Well Audrey has two WICKED ROOMMATES who are constantly abusing her, bullying her, and making her do all kinds of dirty things. This clip starts innocently enough with the bitchy mean girls asking Audrey about her date. But when then the bitchy roommates start to get details from Audrey about her slutty ways, they harass her mercilessly. If Audrey’s going to be such a slut on her date, she’ll have to be one at home, too.

Jun 25
Goddess Tierra Back from Vegas!! HOT pics + news!

HG 1 MissTierra DSC 0037 3001 800 201x300 Goddess Tierra Back from Vegas!! HOT pics + news!Hello world!!!

I had a freaking blast in vegas as usual!! There goes another Vegas trip all funded by my loyal boys! I worked most of the time on photoshoots and video shoots and just had WAY too much fun! My mom also came that was epic! She kicked it till 3:30am don’t know if I have ever seen her do that before LOL….

May 10
Check me out in Miss Lila’s Clip Store!

hand over mouth femdom fetish Check me out in Miss Lilas Clip Store!

Miss Lila & Goddess Tierra tag team their college boy with some hand smothering and . We have no mercy on our little bitch toy and have some fun t0rtuing him so he cant breathe with our hands all over his face. We laugh while he suffers and talk about getting into more trouble together!
Jan 14
Awesome Snob Shoot !! + Chastity Program NEWS!

Today was pretty awesome I shot with Miss Lila again and OMG!!! We made our favorite slave pete get down and get bootylicious for us hahaha

Dec 28
Miss Tierra HUGE POST

5 300x198 Miss Tierra HUGE POSTWOW what a crazy last few days its been. I have successfully launched 5 clips4sales stores for snobstudios this year *pat on the back* I am just so excited for these ladies to learn to run their own online businesses and have fun teasing and tormenting YOUR life as well.

Oct 7
Getting Ready For The Snob Studios Party!!

Hello world,

May 22
New Financial Domination POV fetish Clip

Every now and then I will be releasing POV clips just to keep you suckers wrapped around my fingers! However, I refuse to be half naked in bikini’s and lingerie just to sell a damn clip for $9.99. Im talking REAL financial domination, where you get absolutely nothing and I get EVERYTHING! I had an epiphany awhile ago, and Im just not going to lower my standards to make money from losers when I can take it ANYWAYS! Check out my new clip

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