Nov 17
Jersey Recap + Goddess Tierra debut!!

OMG what a busy last few weeks this has been. Its a given that I am usually busy in the summer but, as winter has set in my social life is blooming. I am hardly ever home anymore which I actually love. I love hanging out with my friends going out to for lunches, dinners and drinks, laughing and just having FUN!! I think Ive been to the movies 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I worked my ass off since as long as I can remember and I definitely neglected social interaction which is just not good for the heart. I busted out clip after clip for years dominating the charts over at c4s and now I think that its time for a little redirection. More on that later next week….

Jun 1
Buy Goddess Tierra Femdom Fetish Clips & Images On *UPDATED 6/1/12*

ATTENTION: Goddess Tierra femdom fetish clips that are available through are NOT in HD resolution. All clips are 20mb and under due to niteflirts upload restrictions. To buy HD, buy via Clips are preloaded to c4s and may not appear for weeks even months later…
ebony pantyhose fetish tierra Buy Goddess Tierra Femdom Fetish Clips & Images On *UPDATED 6/1/12*8min $13
buynow2 Buy Goddess Tierra Femdom Fetish Clips & Images On *UPDATED 6/1/12*

Jan 19
Face Slapping Female Domination!

When hand meets face!

66ebony femdom goddess tierra slapping Face Slapping Female Domination!Already the #10 best selling “face slapping” clip on C4S in just a few hours!

Jan 15
Pimp Slap

Who’s my bitch? LOL
face slapping femdom goddess tierra Pimp Slap

Dec 4

Im so upset that my site is fucked up! I know nobody really even notices it but I do. The latest upgrade I attempted to do just wiped out some of my plugins and makes it so I cant even add anymore UGHHH Hopefully I can get some site “maintenance” done soon. I miss the little pics at the top that made my blog all sexy icon sad Booooo

Aug 23
Updates + An Epic Caning!!

My goodness I have been busy!! This weekend was probably the craziest weekend ever. I was up 7am Saturday for the family garage sale, then attended my cousins wedding at 2pm,  THEN had dinner and met some people. I got home at 11 but, was up again at 7 the next day to wrap up the garage sale, and then later host my best friends baby shower AND yesterday there was a SNOB shoot at 6, and before that I backed my car into a wall because, I was so freaking tired….I rock LOL! Yesterday’s SNOB shoot was awesome. We added a new hottie to the team and I cant wait to release her clips because they are hilarious LOL

Aug 8
Ebony Goddess Tierra New Clips On

Dont miss me kicking ass with my SNOB girls tons of clips not posted in my store are up on the site!!

snobstudios ban 01 Ebony Goddess Tierra New Clips On

Check out my extremely HOT new financial domination clip!

financial dominatrix goddess tierra Ebony Goddess Tierra New Clips On

Aug 2
A word from my realtime pet

He speaks…. yes my real time slave aka the snob studios punching bag has something to say! His first blog entry was posted over on the site last week and there are plenty more to come! Read what he has to say about the amazing weekend he had the weekend before I left for fetcon. He was such a lucky little bitch being bossed around by me heheh

Jun 11
Ebony Femdom Caning!

Its interesting so many of my financial subs are so interested in caning. I have had conversation with many, before I even got into real time sessions like I am now. Check out a preview of my upcoming caning clip!

Jun 9
A Miss Tierra Update!!

I have had a busy last few days working on stuff!! A ton more gifts came in some pics I posted on twitter. I am super psyched about my Ipad 2 I had to get my mom one asap! I didnt like the first one as much at all.

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