Aug 23
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Jun 1
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Feb 14
What are you doing today?

We both know you arent doing anything at all besides thinking about your desire… ME! No matter if you have a girlfriend, wife whatever I am #1 and you know that! Today I want your cash!


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Jan 10
Goddess Tierra’s Pay To Stroke Game!

Finally a fun new video game for you all to play!

stroke and pay goddess tierra Goddess Tierras Pay To Stroke Game!(Click image to play!)
Pay to stroke, story of your life huh? You love the thrill of stroking your cock to me knowing that I profit every time you stroke.Buying up all my clips feeds your addiction and all that hard earned cash just adds up in my bank account. You NEED me to tease, taunt and control your dick.

Time to play a little game. Your going to PAY to stroke today each video features an INTENSE tease. Bringing you close to the edge and then making you purchase the rest of the series 1 by one and each one will cost you just a little bit more!. If you want to cum you’ll have to pay for all 3! Through out the entire series of videos I am instructing you and teasing in 2 different bikini’s but your going to PAY to see me in these little things that cover up absolutely nothing. Pay to stroke my little cash cow! I love seeing those clip invoices with your name on it haha

Dec 28
Miss Tierra HUGE POST

5 300x198 Miss Tierra HUGE POSTWOW what a crazy last few days its been. I have successfully launched 5 clips4sales stores for snobstudios this year *pat on the back* I am just so excited for these ladies to learn to run their own online businesses and have fun teasing and tormenting YOUR life as well.

Dec 13
New JOI Clips

My store has been pre uploaded for weeks now and somehow you all have been blessed with TWO jerk off instruction clips 1 after the other! I guess you can say I have become”cock control” happy! I love controlling all of you so effortlessly owning you your mindless dick and your fat wallets! MASS controlling is the best part about it. Not only am I dominating a man in states like Chicago, California and even Seattle, at the same time I am controlling a man in Sweden, Switzerland,France, Germany and my favorite the UK! Thats fucking hot! One woman with all that control is dangerous sounding! Sounds like world domination to me!