Jul 20
Miss My Blogs? – Goddess Tierra Update & Snob Studios resurrection!

BPVrDLBCEAASWMR.jpg large 300x168 Miss My Blogs?   Goddess Tierra Update & Snob Studios resurrection!I dont know what happened to summer…its almost over! I have been so ridiculously busy with life that I’m losing track of everything. I dont think I have ever had this much shit to do in life lol. Ive been having a great time though  but, I know my addicts miss me so just be greatful that I am writing this quick blog lol

Dec 5
Ladies who lunch!! + New Clips of Goddess Vadori & Goddess Tierra

First off, have you boys seen the clips of me in Vadori’s clip store?

lunapic 135313938168642 10 Ladies who lunch!! + New Clips of  Goddess Vadori & Goddess Tierra

Sep 17
Goddess Tierra Updates!!

Hey everyone!! I know you all are just so excited to see me pop up online. I took a minor break this past week and relaxed, It was AMAZING! I realized Ive been going strong all year with zero breaks really. Even my “vacations” become actual work for me which I am not complaining about but it felt good to just hang out and not worry about working on my sites the last few days. Sometimes in this industry people need breaks. Ive been  known to take MONTH long breaks from the internet in the past so, just be glad it was only a few days lol

Aug 14
Goddess Max and Miss Tierra white boy cock mock!!

SPH w Tierra Goddess Max and Miss Tierra white boy cock mock!!
Tiny Little White Dick
You are in the presence of Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne and Ebony Goddess Tierra. You are in heaven! This is a dream come true for you. However, this is no treat for us because all we have is you, this pathetic slave and his tiny cock in your hands. There’s only ONE thing Goddess Tierra and I can do with that, is get a good laugh while we humiliate, and make fun of your pathetic, tiny, useless, sorry, white dick.

Jul 26
Ebony femdom scissor hold!

Check out this awesome clip! This is different from the one featured in my own clip store.
m17 004 anim2 Ebony femdom scissor hold!

Figure 4 Scissors Crush

Jul 7
Check me out in Ms. Savannah Sly’s Clip Store!

roommate Check me out in Ms. Savannah Slys Clip Store!
Audrey’s Wicked Roommates 
You’ve heard of Cinderella’s Wicked step-sisters, right? Well Audrey has two WICKED ROOMMATES who are constantly abusing her, bullying her, and making her do all kinds of dirty things. This clip starts innocently enough with the bitchy mean girls asking Audrey about her date. But when then the bitchy roommates start to get details from Audrey about her slutty ways, they harass her mercilessly. If Audrey’s going to be such a slut on her date, she’ll have to be one at home, too.

Jun 11
Ebony Female Domination Scissor Hold Clips!- Maxxyne Payne & Goddess Tierra

Check out this awesome clip featuring Goddess Max and I the ULTIMATE ebony Domme duo! We are hooking up in Miami in August to create some more magic, stay tuned! This clip is already the #5 top selling scissor hold clip, lets make it #1!!

ebony femdom scissorhold clips videos 5 Ebony Female Domination Scissor Hold Clips!  Maxxyne Payne & Goddess Tierra

Apr 15
Goddess Tierra’s Vegas Recap!

577818 358885867479824 100000752416282 918709 1028762988 n 224x300 Goddess Tierras Vegas Recap!Well I am back!! I wanted to watch you all refresh my site a million times before I FINALLY posted my pics hahaha

Feb 8
NEW Leg fetish clip

ebony goddess tierra00003 wm 300x225 NEW Leg fetish clipHello world!! I havent been keeping up with updates. I have been busy preparing for my move. I know you all miss drooling over those free pics I have been posting! I am hoping tomorrow after the gym I will have time to sit down and play catch up here and over at Snob Studios. I have booked 3 hotties over the next 2 months to shoot with so I am pretty excited. All out of town models too so this should be fun icon biggrin NEW Leg fetish clip I will be shooting with Miss Lila soon, and have had a few inquiries about custom clips. I think we will start the pricing at $200 per video contact me asap to get your request in!

Jan 25
Some people will do just about anything for attention…


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