How to get your own custom fetish clip from Goddess Tierra!

tierra010 199x300 How to get your own custom fetish clip from Goddess Tierra!Recently,I have had quit an influx of custom clip orders and inquiries so I thought I would post an entry with all the info you will need to know! I went on hiatus from custom clip making in the past because I got annoyed lol but, maybe clearly outlining this all for you guys with help with that. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in their OWN custom video from me? Read the below info and then email me at Tierra@Club-Tierra.Com to order!

customclips How to get your own custom fetish clip from Goddess Tierra!

*Biggest pet peeve ever….Do NOT message me on yahoo asking about customs. Now, I am just going to flat out ignore people who do this. I like to have all the information in one spot…an email! Its just easier that way and makes sure no details are left out.

*Do NOT send me a script! When sending your custom clip “idea” do not give me a word for word script or I will ignore your email completely. You may present me with an idea and I will put my GT spin on it.

*Do NOT send me the same clip idea you send to 20 other clip producers!  I try to spend a good amount of time brain storming the fun and hot clips I put out. If I notice the clip request has been already done a million times I wont do it… period! That just sounds boring and lame lol

*I will NOT do any clips on these following topics: shit, pissing,incest,baby,diapers,children,suicide,extreme racial,extreme religious (pissing on bibles etc) ,me pretending Im your wife (ewww),blackmail (unless its sexy, I don’t do nonconsensual blackmail) and anything else obvious.Im not too big on flat out acting and I cant memorize lines lol. Yes, producing these requires a bit of acting However, The majority of the topics in my videos can actually be traced back to some of you that are in constant contact with me. Yea you addicts inspire me sometimes. Your stories can be told all over my c4s store! The video you thought was about you 9/10…it probably is! I am heavily into tease and denial, financial domination, chastity, JOI and have a new found love for forced bi.


Custom clip prices begin at $150.I dont really care about charging per minute for clips. These are fucking masterpieces. Each and every clip I make, I put effort into! To be honest I throw out probably 4-7 clips a month that I filmed and dont like. Its the perfectionist in me :). So I dont like to time clips and just charge a flat $150 no matter the topic or length. Custom clips will never be shorter than 9mins.

There are a number of ways to pay! I accept amazon gift cards, clips4sale tributes, gift cards, niteflirts,etc etc…

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  1. Goddess Tierra Says:

    How to get a custom clip from #femdom #Goddess #Tierra

  2. slavelarry Says:

    i recomend a custom clip for everyone. There is no greater feeling than having Goddess do something directly for you. Now that i have this one , i need another one. My goal is to buy one every payday. Thankyou Goddess for letting me purchase this from You

  3. ? Goddess Tierra Says:

    FLASHBACK POST:: How to get your own…

  4. no friends Says:

    silly slave richard is once back due to the seductive @MissTierra and bought his very first custom clip. get yours here

  5. ? Goddess Tierra Says:

    FLASHBACK POST:: How to get your own…

  6. matthew Says:

    hello goddess tierra i am a big fan of your work and i would like to know if you could make a video of you spitting into a funnel like pov style that way it feels like im in it with verbal humiliation and a few hocked loogies i think the fans(including myself) would love that and you could even make a series out of it where each episode you invite another goddess to contribute some spit all done pov style that way you could add little treats to the mix(ashes, clippings,sock sweat ect) please can you make my fantasy com true

  7. lockednwaiting Says:

    Just watched next level servitude (Richard’s custom clip) Made me want my own even more…

  8. Goddess Tierra Says:

    That clip was amazing!!

  9. Goddess Tierra Says:

    you need to email me…

  10. Stefan Says:

    Hi Club Tierra,

    your clips are very fantastic!!! GZ!!!
    Can you make a clip where Goddess Tierra bodyscissor a man very in a very erotic climax way until he is knocked out (not for real of course)? That would be great!

    fan Stefan

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