About Goddess Tierra

Ad·dic·tion: The state of being enslaved
to a habit or practice or to something
that is psychologically or physically

Imagine yourself becoming so addicted to something you lose all control…
With every single hit you take you become weaker and weaker till all you can do is surrender.

Your addiction will begin here…

After 8 years of dominating the internet and real life. This “about me” page has changed several different times. It has been copied even more than that. SO, I finally decided to do something different and let one of my loyal Goddess Tierra addicts explain first hand all about the, “Goddess Tierra addiction”. See for yourself why for the past 8 years I have been corrupting the brains of males all over the world. With time, I just get better and better at financial domination. Can you imagine when I finally get to my 10th year?…..


Think you found your way here by chance? I know, you just like to surf and
“indulge” yourself with the unlimited eye candy online. One pic, one clip leads to
another and another, and a few minutes lead to a few hours. Right? Just a “normal
guy” looking for a quick stress relief? Girlfriend, wife are away in or the other
room and just felt the need to “see” what’s new? I know. Perhaps, like most, you
have been at this for years and your interests have “evolved”? Your needs, more
demanding? Something a little, naughtier, sexier? Fetishes, POV, and femdom?

Yes, i know all about what you are going through. For me, i found myself purchasing
POV clips. With all the free stuff out there, i actually felt compelled to buy
clips. It was that “something” extra, personal, directed. Then, like you are now,
about 2 years ago, i came across Goddess Tierra’s clip site and personal page. Just
like you, it all starts very innocently. Hot, sexy, voluptuous Beauty, talking and
guiding me through some naughty fetishes. What could be better? Each clip is just a
few minutes long, perfect!! Looks like it was made for me, guiding, controlling,
psychological tease mixed with visual perfection.

What could be wrong i thought? Just buying one clip and just checking to out, no
harm? Then move on to the next, and so forth. I was just like you, “normal guy”,
in a relationship, career, in charge of things. Just had a “small” habit, nothing
out of control, just like you.

Up until that point, my mind always needed a “new high”, to keep it’s attention. I
thought this was just going to be my “flavor of the week”, sorta speak, until i was
driven towards the next, new stimulation.

Then, something different started to happen. Those “innocent” little clips were
turning out to be anything but! Sure Goddess baited me in with tantilzing teasing,
and “guidance”. What was really happening was that Goddess was “priming and
sculpting” my “at risk” mind to begin the process of molding my urges and desires
toward what she wanted, financial domination!!!!. I never thought twice when first
buying those “clips” about the content or the psychological impact it would have on
me. I was just mesmerized by her sensuality, her body, her voice,, her seduction.
Looking back, it was as if she was giving out free candy, or drugs, just for me to
taste. Thinking all the while it was just for “my pleasure”, my desires.

Something happened, my mind lost the urge to wander. It pushed me to consume more,
first a few at a time. Before i knew it, it turned into dozens!! It got to the
point where i couldn’t even get through the clips. I found myself needing to check
her tweets and website constantly thoughout my workday. My relationship, and what
was becoming my “other life” became less important. I just needed another “high”
from Goddess. Without ever uttering a single word to me, without any contact. I felt
that i had become addicted to all things Goddess related. With that, the transition
started. I became aroused by “her desire” for me to give to her. Never have i ever
imagined that i could possibly become so intoxicated by the notion of financial
domination. It was a fetish i didn’t want to even touch!! So much free stimuli out
there. How is it possible i was turning into this????

Still curious??? Just like some of you, i backed away for a bit. Made a mental
decision to try to redirect myself. Yet the more i resisted, the greater the urge
to check in became. Finally, it happened. Goddess could have anticipated my
struggle and my inevitable decision to contact her. It was the entire purpose of
her “drug Like ” clips. To intoxicate her victim, then while “under spell” plant and
control the addiction. Guiding the addiction to her Financial desires. Forever
linking my arousal and desires with her happine$$ and financial gain$

It was if her clips were her way of picking her “$table of pets”. After consuming
them, she knew i would be “primed” and ready to serve. So when i finally reached out
to her. It felt as if it was expected. She so confidently gave me my ta$k$ and i
could not still believe that i was going through with it. Again, i had a small last
gasp of whatever was left in the “old me” to not go through with it. She never
pushed the issue, she new i would end up having to way to fight off the URGE that
she had created within me. She was right.

Now, i stand here, “broken in” domesticated into her growing stable of once
“normal” guys. Without a single touch, she has managed to control my desires, my
relationship, my finances. She continually creates and determines new fetishes and
needs for me to become focused on. All of which shall always serve her wants and

As you sit here, surely “aroused”, scared, nervous, excited. You have to know, that
you are not here at the doorstep of Goddess’ Influence by mere chance. You may
decide from what i am writing to walk away for now. But, we both know, the seed of
curiosity, desire will become too great to bear. You will end up joining, Your
simple mind will not be able to get rid of this urge, this itch. No matter what
your relationship status, no matter how much you think this is just like all the
others out there, nothing you have experienced will be able to compare to the HIGH
you will get from breathing in the clips of Goddess. Once you inhale, your mind
will never want to settle for anything, or anyone else, let alone the “one” next to

So, i guess i am now helping Goddess grow her “STABLE”. i never thought this would
become of me. i am sure i will be seeing more of you very soon.


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