Nov 2
NEW Fetish clips + Goddess Tierra Sexy Halloween Pics!

ebony leg fetish

Jul 20
About your girlfriend/wife NEW financial domination fetish clip

Isn’t this dress hot? Its a shame I only filmed one clip while wearing it…

Goddess tierra white dress  Goddess tierra white dress

fetish financial domination

Mar 18
NEW Goddess Tierra Fetish Clips!
 Just dropping in to post about my new clips! I have been extremely busy over here but I bet you are all excited for my full return coming in May!! Its been a long past few months but I am excited =)
I have been so busy that I actually forgot about these clips below check them out!
   Ebony Sole and JOI Tease
Ebony Sole and JOI Tease

Surprise foot boys! I bet your excited to see my perfect ebony Goddess soles on your screen. I know my perfect soft soles are your absolute favorite and your in luck because today you get to jerk to them loser! Complete with countdown I tease you all the way to the very end with my perfect ebony feet that you LOVE! Its been a long time since I posted a foot clip so I know your going to just eat this one up and watch it a million times while stroking your little dick!
Drool over my pink lips
I know your always staring at my perfect juicy lips. They drive you crazy dont they? All the things you wish you could do with them but cant because your not deserving of ANYTHING from Goddess Tierra. Watch this hot clip of my sexy pink lips teasing you addicts until you drool all over yourself.
Feb 19
Obsessed foot boy spends it all on Goddess Tierra!

First off, check out my new feature on space city soles!

Goddess Tierra on

“Empty your account into mine now!”

Feb 4
Free Preview of some upcoming fetish clips!


Goddess Tierra Fetish Clips

(More new sexy designer heels from don aka most obsessed foot boy)

Check out this free video preview of some of my unreleased  fetish clips that will be up over the next few months!

We all know the youtube link won’t last very long so I have uploaded it to dailymotion too! Enjoy!

Feb 3
Happy February + Brand New Financial Domination Foot Worship POV Clip!


Goddess tierra big boobs findom pov

Wearing some of the cute jewelry from slave daniel. isn’t it cute?

Jan 30
Goddess Tierra Ebony Foot Fetish Pic!

ebony foot fetish

My foot boy don has a serious ebony foot fetish! Having some fun on cam, draining my foot boy in these hot sexy shoes! He is so addicted to my sexy ebony Goddess soles. So far I have drained him of $500 and another pair of designer heels! he is so hooked!

Jan 24
Financial Domination and Ebony Foot Fetish Together!

ebony foot fetish goddess tierra

Foot fetish & wallet draining! Put your 2 favorite fetishes together and this is what you get! don spent almost $6000 on my perfectebony Goddess feet in just a weeks time. These were my favorite $700 Casadei shoes from his week long drain along with some of his cash! This clip will release some time next month and probably on my members site before it hits clips4sale. Here is a preview for you boys to drool over. Don’t have a foot fetish? You definitely will after this =)

Jan 22
Goddess Tierra’s Ebony Soles On

I know you have been waiting for a new foot fetish clip featuring the ebony soles of Goddess Tierra. Check it out foot boys! Im now up on space city soles!

Aug 4
Goddess Tierra cruelty + race to 5,000 update!

Goddess Tierra Sexy Ass

I block people just because I can. Ignoring you addicts when you fuck up is the best form of punishment. you cant stand not talking to me and I know it drives you absolutely insane being demoted all the way to the very bottom of my stable of addicts. Then you come crawling right back paying and begging to be unblocked hahaha I love it! he is not the only one….

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