Aug 1


Who knew something this pretty could cause so much destruction…

Check out this brutal, bloody, painful to watch ballbusting clip!


Jul 20
Miss My Blogs? – Goddess Tierra Update & Snob Studios resurrection!

BPVrDLBCEAASWMR.jpg large 300x168 Miss My Blogs?   Goddess Tierra Update & Snob Studios resurrection!I dont know what happened to summer…its almost over! I have been so ridiculously busy with life that I’m losing track of everything. I dont think I have ever had this much shit to do in life lol. Ive been having a great time though  but, I know my addicts miss me so just be greatful that I am writing this quick blog lol

Oct 29
Halloween weekend + New Clips on +Ball Busting & New Chastity Clip

goddess tierra halloween costume 300x300 Halloween weekend + New Clips on +Ball Busting & New Chastity ClipI had the best Halloween weekend ever!! My friend and I threw an awesome Halloween party this year. We had tons of food and even a whole catered dessert menu. It was all sooooooo delicious!! One of my BFF’s is starting a catering business so I hired her to create some yummy treats for all the party attendees. It was awesome.

Oct 16
Goddess Tierra Ball Busting + Beat down!

Watch me kick this guys ass all over my hotel room! What I love about these is, they are 100% real! Some of these sites put out fake shit… obviously I do not lol I let off some aggression during this one and it was fun!

tierrastestdummy a Goddess Tierra Ball Busting + Beat down!
Click For Preview

Jul 4
More Top Selling Femdom Ball Busting Videos!!

I may not have 200,000 twitter followers but I do have loyal friends, fans AND slaves! Thank you everyone out there voting for me. We have a few more days left before it ends. Winner gets an advertising spot on the site that will be perfect for my new site!! I keep hearing something is wrong with the voting. I actually haven’t been able to vote since the first time I did days ago but your supposed to be able to vote every six hours! KEEP VOTING FOR ME =)

Jun 25
Goddess Tierra Back from Vegas!! HOT pics + news!

HG 1 MissTierra DSC 0037 3001 800 201x300 Goddess Tierra Back from Vegas!! HOT pics + news!Hello world!!!

I had a freaking blast in vegas as usual!! There goes another Vegas trip all funded by my loyal boys! I worked most of the time on photoshoots and video shoots and just had WAY too much fun! My mom also came that was epic! She kicked it till 3:30am don’t know if I have ever seen her do that before LOL….

May 24
Goddess Tierra beat down!

misstierrasextendedworkout a Goddess Tierra beat down!

(click image)

This clip was so awesome!!! He will be getting another Goddess Tierra beat down next month in Vegas!

May 19
Back from LA!!! + New Ball Busting Clip!!

It feels good to be back and now its crunch time because I have so much editing to do!! I shot with some awesome awesome people! I love meeting fun people on these little adventures! I actually dont have many pics from the trip (just a ton of videos) but this one says it all doesnt it?

May 12
Ebony Femdom Goddess Tierra Ball Busting NEW VIDEO!

I found this while surfing the web…

May 1
Ebony Goddess Tierra Ball Busting!

 You wanted to see me in that red dress didn’t you?

Check me out unleashing some kicks to bryan’s balls in this hot ball busting clip!
psychologicalballbusting a Ebony Goddess Tierra Ball Busting!

Psychological Ballbusting

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