I do private cam sessions through YAHOO or SKYPE


To schedule cam time, email me at

OR message me politely on my Yahoo Messenger.
For payment methods, email me!

*Do not harass or BUZZ me or you will instantly be blocked!
* It’s Goddess Tierra or Miss Tierra ALWAYS to you!
* DO NOT message me just to chat!
(Unless you are one of my personal servants, that’s what email is for
*Do not use slang…I just hate it use proper English or be blocked.  Its that easy!

Sometimes I am available for phone chat.


* Stripping every ounce of dignity for my personal gain $$$

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Financial Domination

*The Greedy Goddess of your dreams!
I will drain your wallet so quick you wont even know what happened!

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Ignore Line * Exactly what it says! You will be completely ignored while I go on about my fabulous life.
If your lucky I might pick up the phone and tell you what a loser you are!

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General Chat/ Fan Line

*This line is just for intelligent phone conversation and for you to say hello and chat with me.

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