Feb 11
Confessions of a chastity slave – slave daniel blog!

tierra012 1024x685 Confessions of a chastity slave   slave daniel blog!Its been awhile since slave daniel wrote a blog for my site but, please believe he is STILL locked away all for Goddess Tierra. he is my permanent chastity slave and unlike most encounters online daniel never ever strays. I keep him on such a tight leash and he always does what I want, when I want and how I want he is a totally locked up pet for Me and I hold his keys! I just know his little submissive heart beats faster every time I send him a text message or give him a command and it will be this way for the rest of his life! What a lucky bitch!

Oct 11
Tributes & Money Slave Tales Of Almost Getting Caught!

Image17 Tributes & Money Slave Tales Of Almost Getting Caught!

Ive been having some fun around here especially with cam over on my members site! I advise you all to join now so you can stop missing all the action!

Sep 9
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Aug 6
chastity slave daniel gets his keys back….for now

I just love chastity! Its so much more fun when you have an actual REAL chastity slave like daniel. I get a ton of fakers and wannabes. It takes a lot of convincing for me to take you on as a chastity slave. If you read my blogs, you have  been following this saga all year long. Truthfully I dont know how long daniel was locked in chastity. I just know, I love how submissive and weak you boys get when you can’t jerk your pathetic cocks. I already have daniel under my control but having his keys took it to a whole new level…

Jun 4
slave daniels chastity update + NEW chastity slave pov clip!

20130120 195128 170x300 slave daniels chastity update + NEW chastity slave pov clip!
So, I’ve been Goddess Tierra’s chastity slave for quite awhile now. It has
been quite an interesting experience because being a slave to Goddess
Tierra has been one of the most arousing experiences in my life. Nothing
gets me more excited than buying her gifts, tributing her, or following her
orders. However, the catch is that for most of this time, I haven’t been
able to have any sort of release. This just adds to the experience as each
time I give Goddess Tierra something, I fall deeper into submission.

Mar 6
50 days in chastity – slave blog!
20130120 195128 170x300 50 days in chastity   slave blog!One of the great things about serving a Goddess is giving up control to her. Goddess Tierra has been kind enough to take control of my little orgasms and lock me in chastity. She’s had me locked away for quite some time this fall, only allowing for occasional releases. I was free for awhile over the holidays, and as much as I enjoyed jerking it to her clips, it just never feels right without her permission.
So I came up with a fun idea, that would have me locked up even longer and give Goddess Tierra more control over me. I asked her to keep me locked up until I lost 10 pounds. I know that Goddess keeps herself in amazing shape and has had quite a transformation over the years. Seeing her beautiful body is always an important reminder of her superiority. I figured what better person to hold me accountable, and punish me for failure?
I was nervous asking her to do this, because I knew I could be locked up for awhile, but it was a great decision that ended up working. I will always be grateful to Goddess for that. And I can’t wait to continue.
But there’s obviously more to this story. Because if Goddess Tierra is going to be so compassionate to control a lowly slave like me, she has to get something in return right?
I love spoiling Goddess Tierra. Seeing her happy just fills me with joy. And I love watching her spend and wear my cash, and hearing about all of her fun trips. So even when not locked up I try to tribute as much as I can. However, being locked up makes me even more submissive and devoted to Goddess. When I sit at work feeling my cage, I remember why I’m there, and when I wake up each day in pain from morning wood, I remember who owns me. And the more horny and desperate I get, the more I love watching her tease me on cam or in clips. These past couple months I’ve been puddy in Miss Tierra’s hands.
But chastity messes with my head too. It makes me want to take things a step further. Like sending embarrassing pics, normally I’d be too shy for that. But not after a month in chastity. After a month in chastity, pretty much all I can think of is pleasing Goddess Tierra. She occupies my thoughts at all times. So if she tells me in a clip to expose myself to the world as her slave, I’m gonna do it, no questions asked. If she tells me she wants a Memorable Valentine’s day gift, I’m gonna sing her a goofy song.
I was in chastity for 50 days. It was quite the experience. I’ve never been locked up that long before, and when you’re serving a beautiful sexy dominant Goddess like Miss Tierra, it will mess with your head. But I LOVED it! And I am thankful for what she’s done to me.
I hope she enjoyed all of this as much as I did, because she means the world to me, and my main purpose in life is to please her. I can’t wait to see what she does to me next. (:
Listen to daniel sing as I laugh my ass off!!
Oct 29
Halloween weekend + New Clips on humiliationpov.com +Ball Busting & New Chastity Clip

goddess tierra halloween costume 300x300 Halloween weekend + New Clips on humiliationpov.com +Ball Busting & New Chastity ClipI had the best Halloween weekend ever!! My friend and I threw an awesome Halloween party this year. We had tons of food and even a whole catered dessert menu. It was all sooooooo delicious!! One of my BFF’s is starting a catering business so I hired her to create some yummy treats for all the party attendees. It was awesome.

Oct 21
New Chastity Series- Careful what you wish for!

After all the emails and comments I have received about daniel locked up in chastity, I have decided to release a brand new series to my clip store! Check it out, the next installment will be early this week!! And dont forget to send me proof pics like my french bitch oliver.

Oct 19
daniels Chastity update!! + Financial Domination blog!

mmmm I am so freakin spoiled! I love it! While I was in Vegas earlier this month, I tried on this really cute coat in the Marciano store. As soon as I got home, I added it to my wishlist and POW this morning after the gym it was waiting for me at the post office! It is just SOOOO freaking adorable and expensive lol!

Oct 6
Daniel’s Chastity Adventure!

keylock 150x150 Daniels Chastity Adventure!I love chastity, keeping up with everyone during the “Mass Chastity Program” I did was nuts! I want to do it again soon but I just couldn’t keep up with all of you. Never have I seen so many cocks locked up at once lol. I know how much daniel loves chastity so, for his custom clip he won for being the first member on my site, I locked up my slave! I know exactly what goes through the minds of you boys when you are locked up. you are weak, vulnerable and all mine!

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