Feb 28
Where in the world is Goddess Tierra?

tierra018 199x300 Where in the world is Goddess Tierra?I have been all over the place in February! I had such a fun month, its been crazy! Once again i must remind you all to keep up with my twitter accounts for lots of updates and pics.







Dec 29
GT Updates! – Ebony Fetish Goddess Tierra

gthotel 300x300 GT Updates!   Ebony Fetish Goddess TierraWell hello =) I have received so many emails and messages asking about my where abouts and…it confuses me lol Im sooooo right here I dont really know what more people want from me when I am constantly posting on ALL of these damn social network sites 24/7. I have  3 twitters 3 websites an instagram and facebook fan page, a tumblr…am I forgetting something? I just feel like this site doesnt need long blogs anymore. The best way to stalk me these days is on @MissTierra I havent been using this much lately but, that WILL change….for updates follow @TierraNews and those of you who have never been hip to the smartphone world *drum roll* …it looks like instagram has now made it possible for you to view my pics now right on your computer. I am ALWAYS posting on instagram. Its like an entire album of my life right now. Its mostly non fetish stuff so dont get to excited pervs! Check out my INSTAGRAM.

Oct 6
Another Goddess Tierra epic vegas trip!! + new scissorhold clip!

Looking so bossy on my Vegas terrace!
image 1 300x300 Another Goddess Tierra epic vegas trip!! + new scissorhold clip!

OMG this past trip was a freaking blast!!! Thank you thank you to everyone who sent tributes! Even while there, I was still receiving tributes from people which was amazing. I love that venmo is connected to your phones it makes it so easy hehehe =)

Aug 7
Miami & Fetish Con 2012 Recap!

IMG 36711 224x300 Miami & Fetish Con 2012 Recap!I am backkkkk! Fetish con this year definitely topped any other year I have been! It was fucking fabulous! My first year there were very few financial domme’s there but, this year they were out representing to the fullest! I was able to meet so many people that I have conversed with via  the internet for years. It was awesome! I worked my ass off this year. Usually I shoot a bit and then hang out but there were some days where I had up to 6 shoots in 1 day. So I was very busy! This year I went as a model and producer for snobstudios.com. I shot with some awesome people such as, HumiliationPov.com and  I cant wait to show you all those hot clips!

Jun 1
Buy Goddess Tierra Femdom Fetish Clips & Images On Niteflirts.com *UPDATED 6/1/12*

ATTENTION: Goddess Tierra femdom fetish clips that are available through niteflirts.com are NOT in HD resolution. All clips are 20mb and under due to niteflirts upload restrictions. To buy HD, buy via clips4sale.com. Clips are preloaded to c4s and may not appear for weeks even months later…
ebony pantyhose fetish tierra Buy Goddess Tierra Femdom Fetish Clips & Images On Niteflirts.com *UPDATED 6/1/12*8min $13
buynow2 Buy Goddess Tierra Femdom Fetish Clips & Images On Niteflirts.com *UPDATED 6/1/12*

May 19
Back from LA!!! + New Ball Busting Clip!!

It feels good to be back and now its crunch time because I have so much editing to do!! I shot with some awesome awesome people! I love meeting fun people on these little adventures! I actually dont have many pics from the trip (just a ton of videos) but this one says it all doesnt it?

Apr 15
Goddess Tierra’s Vegas Recap!

577818 358885867479824 100000752416282 918709 1028762988 n 224x300 Goddess Tierras Vegas Recap!Well I am back!! I wanted to watch you all refresh my site a million times before I FINALLY posted my pics hahaha

Aug 1
Fetish Con 2011 Experience

Well I am back and it feels absolutely wonderful to be back in Washington again! I am a northwest girl to the fullest and that hot humid icky air was suffocating me in Tampa! It sucks not to be able to walk outside look at beautiful clean surroundings and breathe in crisp clean air. OMG I probably spent 5 mins total outside in Tampa. I realized how much I love Washington and soooo I think I will go ahead and settle down here instead of moving away like I had planned to. Its not so bad after all. There is no other state I would rather be in!

Jun 13
Hello Hello! New Clips!

Yesterday was busy for the SNOB crew with a day long photoshoot! I am back, its Monday…I gave you suckers a few days to reload your credit cards now give me my money.

I had one of you lie to me the other day which was shocking and disappointing but the show must go on LMAO

Apr 26
Back from Maui!

What’s up bitches! Im back & 9 days was definitely way to long for me. I think I got a little home sick… I am very glad to be back. I traveled without my laptop and everything to distract me from work so I could fully relax during the vacation. I was going insane without my freaking internet!!
As I said before after Hawaii I was going to be BACK fucking over my little pathetic piggy banks! I wonder who will be my first victim hehehe icon smile Back from Maui!
My time online is STILL very limited so consider yourself lucky and be grateful if somehow you catch me and I ALLOW you pay ME! Cam is VERY limited and will only be rewarded to those bitches who go above and beyond to get my attention.
*I am making very few POV clips these days as you have noticed and I will be doing another round of deleting videos pretty soon and also raising the prices on most clips in my store to $99! So get them before the prices jump! I refuse to give into the new findom craze and start giving out discounts. I dont quite get the financial domination side of discounts…FINANCIAL SLAVES SHOULD ALWAYS PAY.There is NO DISCOUNT for being an obsessed loser. You pay can top dollar for my clips and you know they are totally worth it!

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