Happy February + Brand New Financial Domination Foot Worship POV Clip!


tumblr n06zndHxb31rk6c13o1 500 Happy February  + Brand New Financial Domination Foot Worship POV Clip!

Wearing some of the cute jewelry from slave daniel. isn’t it cute?

January was outstanding online. I was draining wallets day and night, left and right! Even now Im sitting here staring at a stack a giftrocket.com checks from todd and darrell. I just love cashing those in and get your crisp bills in MY hands! I don’t expect February to be any different boys. your job as my loyal GT Addict is to give me your all and keep me satisfied but, of course you already knew that didn’t you icon wink Happy February  + Brand New Financial Domination Foot Worship POV Clip! Plus its Valentines day MONTH…yes a whole month of celebrating how infatuated and obsessed you are with ME. I have added a bunch of vday gifts to my list and will be adding more. I seriously want flowers daily!

amazon Happy February  + Brand New Financial Domination Foot Worship POV Clip! 

Even though I said I would be taking a hiatus from filming until Mayish this year, I couldn’t help but film a few special clips fueled by pure greed and the fact that I know they will completely mind fuck you poor boys. Its just so EASY!! I have a few clips uploaded to my clips4sale store and even some that are going to be exclusively on GoddessTierra.com my members site. Check out my latest foot worship pov and financial domination clip. These heels will corrupt even the “Im not into feet guys” seeing me in expensive designer heels playing with thousands of dollars in slave tributes will make you want to give ME more!

My long time foot boy came crawling back recently. I cut him loose last year because, he didnt understand that my perfect. soft ebony Goddess soles are worth EVERYTHING! His little penny tributes were just not enough to hold my attention. The loser learned his lesson and is back taking beating after beating to his poor little wallet DAILY! I drained my foot boy of about $6k in one week and got plenty of EXPENSIVE shoes to go along with it all! Check out these $700 designer heels as I play with his cash and show you all why my soles are SO EXPENSIVE! Even my “non foot fetish” boys couldn’t help but blow their cash on these perfect feet! They are highly addictive and aren’t you all lucky I’m gracing you with a clip with two of your favorite things foot fetish AND financial domination.
goddesstierracom Happy February  + Brand New Financial Domination Foot Worship POV Clip!
If you haven’t listened to it yet, check out slave daniels youtube debut, singing a tribute song he wrote for ME. I love it haha daniel is very much not into humiliation but for Goddess Tierra, he will do absolutely anything. Isn’t that right my little chastity slave? losers are always emailing me asking me what kinds of things they can do for me to show their servitude that doesnt include sending money and honestly, there is NOT very much you can do without going broke and handing it over. I am an EXPENSIVE Financial Domme and I want cash however, if you can make me laugh the way this does every time I listen to it, then I encourage you to make me laugh haha

Click to listen to daniels Goddess Tierra tribute song!

3 Responses

  1. daniel Says:

    Goddess is absolutely right, there is basically nothing I wouldn’t do to put a smile on her face.

    I hope we all can give you a proper Valentine’s Day.

  2. Darrell Says:

    Damn! I cannot stop staring at Goddess Tierra in that pink bra. One thing that I noticed is that Goddess Tierra reflects her superiority even in her writing. She always types the first letter of a sub’s name in lowercase but when she references another domme or herself, she will always capitalize the first character.

  3. Goddess Tierra Says:

    its a habit lol

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