Worship your Ebony Goddess!

tierra016 1 Worship your Ebony Goddess!

The ass is AMAZING! You can’t deny it! This pic goes with the theme of my new website icon smile Worship your Ebony Goddess! Launch is getting close. Live streaming cam is currently being installed!

ebony goddess miss tierra femdom worship Worship your Ebony Goddess!
Worship Your Ebony Goddess
On your knees weakling before your superior Ebony Goddess! Its time for you to worship my entire body! How weak will you become in this worship session? VERY! Im going to completely fuck that little submissive brain of yours until you are completely helpless. My perfect body owns your weak ass! Submit to perfect ebony Goddess Tierra.

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  1. ? Goddess Tierra Says:

    Worship your Ebony Goddess! #ass #ebony #Goddess #Tierra #femdom http://t.co/6S6uweR9

  2. Darrell Says:

    Goddess Tierra, you looked so mind-fucking hot in the “Worship Your Ebony Goddess” clip. It reminds me why I haven’t been able to escape your control. You made me so weak. I couldn’t think. The only words I could speak while watching the clip to express my amazement was “Oh my God.”. I should have said “Oh my Goddess”.

  3. Ricky Zaldivar Says:

    RT @TopsyRT: Worship your Ebony Goddess! ##ebony ##Goddess ##Tierra ##femdom http://t.co/NrFDAEtp

  4. Goddess Tierra Says:

    I absolutely love the dress I was wearing (and not wearing) in that clip!

  5. slaverichard Says:

    I so can’t wait for the new website Goddess! I came back today thinking it would be up lol, I guess we will all have to wait until the 10th August, it seems such a long time away.

  6. ? Goddess Tierra Says:

    FLASHBACK POST:: Worship your Ebony Goddess! http://t.co/9MFXgB40

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