Goddess Tierra Valentines Day Gifts Trickle In

Its Valentines MONTH for Goddess Tierra! Time to spend GT ADDICTS
Image12 Goddess Tierra  Valentines Day Gifts Trickle In


Don’t I look hot sitting in front of all my pretty flowers? I know, here’s another one just to make you drool over my beauty even more…

Image9 Goddess Tierra  Valentines Day Gifts Trickle In

Well boys, its officially the most depressing week of your life haha but, since I’m around its just so much better since you get to spoil me MORE! Valentines day is this Friday and I expect even more Valentines day gifts coming from my loyal boys! Those pics above are stills from a cute Valentines Day clip I filmed yesterday. I am still debating on releasing it just to my site members or on C4S too. I just look so adorable in front of my 4 bouquets that came in the past few days. After filming this clip I ran to the post office and to my surprise there was a red envelope from slave daniel and I just KNEW there was cash in there. My slave daniel just knows me so well haha

Image27 Goddess Tierra  Valentines Day Gifts Trickle In

I made a little video opening it up that will ONLY be on my members site sometime this week. I uploaded a little snippet to tumblr which I recently discovered I can upload clips to!! daniel thought it would be funny for me to open up his Vday card and see $1 bills on top. It was funny my real reaction is even more funny LMAO  CLICK HERE to check it out!!

todd sent $100 tonight with a vday card on giftrocket and i am wondering if he thinks he is really going to get away with just this $100 hahaha we both know you have nobody or nothing else to spend your valentines money on so step it up addicts ALL OF YOU!

Image30 Goddess Tierra  Valentines Day Gifts Trickle In



ps. My last financial domination clip is selling like crazy as expected make sure you go get it!!

imageedit  2237334165 Goddess Tierra  Valentines Day Gifts Trickle In

After you watch this, the only thing you will be able to think about is Goddess Tierra in this pink bra playing with your weak little brain! Im going to use my boobs to completely rearrange that brain of yours. I completely seduce you until I have that wallet open and ready to get drained. My suckers are so easy just looking at that preview has you drooling like that pathetic weak male you are. I own you boys and Im getting ready to fuck you out of everything I want and leave you with a corrupted brain and an empty bank account! This is the only thing that turns you on so get ready to go broke for my boobs!

2 Responses

  1. Darrell Says:

    Flowers pale in comparison to you Goddess. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

  2. todd Says:

    that $$$ was just a clip viewing response to your latest wallet mind bra clip, just popped out of me xoxo

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