Happy 2014 from Goddess Tierra

IMG 20131231 203534 Happy 2014 from Goddess Tierra

Happy 2014! 2013 was pretty awesome for me. I had a very exciting year full of trips, fun and the wildest summer ever! Truthfully I haven’t been updating this blog much because there are a million other social networking sites plus my members sites that I am constantly on but one of my long time addicts came around and mentioned that he thought this site was “dead” so I came by to liven it up a bit , so BOOM!

from my latest feature on Dynasty Series

If you haven’t been living under a rock, and have been stalking me properly you would have found out that I am expecting my first (and probably only) child this year! I am without a doubt blessed and excited to give birth to Goddess to be in April just a few days before my one birthday. The announcement came months ago and too my surprise not much has changed as far as slaves go. I think everyone expected gifts and tributes to dwindle down but if you follow my instagram you will see loyal boys have STILL been serving me properly. I think my heightened “Goddess glow” is drawing you all in deeper to be honest =). Its like Christmas everyday over here with tons of amazon wish list gifts and tributes I love it!! A few boys in particular have spoiled me like crazy the past few months. As usual daniel, sissy mike, my french bitch kyle and also andrew! These are all boys who have been around for awhile besides mike who found his addiction, end of this past summer. I have had a few random boys tribute but, they obviously have not made that much of an impact to get a mention STEP IT UP!!! A few of you have chose to disappear during my semi break I have been on and I feel sorry for you all because when I am back full time destroying wallets your going to be begging me to get back in my stable hahaha and its going to cost you lots and lots $$$!

I haven’t been filming as much obviously but I had some predated stuff that has lasted through the new year on my clips store and my members site and I of course uploaded my annual, “New years resolution” video which people LOVED!!! Financial domination at its finest!! Im so good at mindfucking you with little effort, your wallet just bust wide open at the sight of me and my “Goddess Glow”.

Here is my annual New Years clip! Bet your surprised to see me arent you addicts? I have been taking a little vacation from filming but still mindfucking and draining the wallets of devoted money slaves! Those of you who have decided to slack off in my absence you will regret it once Im fully back and its going to particularly hurt your credit card =). This clip is perfect for new addicts and my already loyal addicts. I have a new years resolution for you suckers! Time to take your addiction deeper for ME your almighty Goddess in 2014! Your going to be an even better slave boy to Goddess Tierra this year. How can anyone resist such a perfect ebony Queen? That’s right you cant, so get ready to hand over even more for your greedy demanding Goddess!

Make sure to buy it up OR join my members site to watch it there with 175+ more clips!

goddesstierracom Happy 2014 from Goddess Tierra


$75 recurring

$99 non recurring  

Cam shows have not slowed down over on my members site and neither have signups in 2014! Can you imagine when I am actually back in action over there. Every year I just get better and better at collecting all your money! I have been online mind fucking addicts for almost 8 years! YES 8 YEARS!! I am no newbie to this and Im just going to keep fucking you up even more I suggest you stay close so you don’t miss a single thing! Me next cam show was supposed to be tomorrow but I will be out of town shopping in Oregon tomorrow afternoon so I am moving it to the next day at 4pm pacific. Sign up and don’t miss it!!

ps. It also looks like my comments section works again so, try and leave a comment and see what happens =)

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